Thursday, May 14, 2009

Happy now??

Alright alright fine im updating. Sheesh i dont know you guys were so interested in my life. Except you fahmii, i know you just want to correct my now ''whats happening to your'' english.

Nothing much happen today. Its more like ''she was wearing majestic blue today'' *wink. Hahah. Okay okay. I just found out that i can blog using my phone. So thats how im gonna get this done. I love my house. Its always get the perfect view of the stars at night. Haha. Okay lah sini sha. Krg ada party d rumah ikhwan and im invited haha. We'll see if you'll get my present. Hahah

Yours truly
Risso Suraj.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

should i ask or not

Well today i woke up hungry, although i ate 2 in the freaking morning. I woke up at 7 FYI heehee. Due to the heat, i had to find the remote for switching on the air-conditioner. I need the freaking cold so that i would sleep longer. Had to wait for me Mum to go to work dulu. She'll be mad if she found out that i switched the air-con not according to the schedule. Now O'n envying my brother who kreakingly has his own freaking remote in his own freaking room. *sigh* haha and tadi my lil bro terlepas cakap arh my amah kan and my amah tarus mental. She actually said this " You want to fight ah? Fight lah!!". HAHAHAHAH sudahtah bilik ani panas tambah tia kepanasan yg makin membara eseh becerita ku pulang. Had to cool them both dulu before me mandi. The same lil bro escaped from the house while i was at akmal's house. My amah told me that he went out because me mom didn't let him sleepover at his friend's house. I was proud at first since he followed my footstep in lepaking then shouted "SETAIEEEE!!" Pretty hypocritical am i? *angelic face with halo on top heehee. During the day i got pretty bored. Was planning to go to smsa to buy my baju P.E. tapi faza alum bangun (bangun wahh~!!). I'm actually recording my activities on my phone, the Nokia E63 so i can blog it out later.....

that's all for now peeps


Yours Truly


Sunday, January 25, 2009

currently at my aunt's house

well guilty as charged xP. since i rarely wake up early from bed. i had no chance to update at all.well know theres someone there saying "ALASAN!!" but hell.... But still. so here i am, trying to writes this post up while my little cute cousins kept on poking here and there. okay then the updates.

well people have been bugging me with telling me to update huh??. well instead of talking abt the past, i'll talk about everything. so people whassupp hows life without school?? i certainly misses school now. talking about school, i went to smsa tadi to buy my p.e baju. so i arrived there with fahmii around 3. so we went to the admin place, looking for the room. We found the room and were asked to ukur baju d badan sendiri hehe. Fahmii's house is red tadaaa. i didnt get to buy one pasal inda cukup duit. So we went back home(i was with my bro) to get more money from mom, came back to school to found the room is locked. FREAKING LOCKED AT FREAKING 3.30 ON THE FREAKING LAST DAY!! i thought sampai 4. yatah i was pissed skajap. but then still got monday waaahh.

bah imma go now teehee

Yours Truly

Monday, January 5, 2009

school days start from 7.00 AM today

So hello there people? May broke a promise but I'm not really sure heheh. Just wanna tell you guys that changing a routine that has been stuck on you for 1-and-a-half month is kinda hard. Anyway Yesterday was okay. had a barbeque at naufal's with KB Icon. We misses you Ajim Puppeteer and Akmal BO.

Well for starters Happy Belated Birthday Ainul!! I hear you're 15 now and i just want to say welcome to the life of a 15 year old!!

okay that was lame but moving on...

well umm around 11 pm fahmii came to naufal's house to lepak but Naufal was nowhere to be seen so me and him kinda meet up at the pondok near the basketball court. we actually did have some fun. Talking about whats up. and then fahmii ask me what did i achieve during this holiday. i mulled it over and realised that i achieved nothing. he went on saying that "there is no difference of me today than the first day of the holidays" hahaha. as we were a star people we were kinda suffered a bit of a letdown as stars didn't twinkle at all. and also he said that a lot of MS girls are interesting *kiraii

stupid clouds...

then around 2.00 am we kinda get tired and we all went back home =) tadaaa

Yours Truly

Mr Jiggly
(Risso, a Star person)

Friday, January 2, 2009

hey there 2009

the day begin with me waking up to your perfu.. eyh salah, to the rainy weather. damn (i miss my friday prayer!!). lets just say that i decided to update after i was reminded of the promise i made to a certain someone back in the days of the '08.(though i couldn't recall who is that person). Hmm okay lets see what i can say about my new year resolutions.

okay New Year's resolutions(pray to God i will achieve thisT.T):
1. Try to be meaner than last year.
2. Be mature.
3. lose some weight, fatboy!!
4. gotta get a watch!!
5. Lepaks with the Urang Utans!!
6. 6 'O's mahnn
7. get a girlfriend? hahahha
8. try not hanging with girls too much?
magic number 9. this year would be a better year than last year..

ciao peeps. will update later. i PROMISE. i guess there would be someone over 'There' saying "promises are meant to be broken". But not me friends.

Yours Truly

Mr Jiggly
(Risso, a promise-keeper)

Friday, December 12, 2008

sorry for being so late

we got a meeting about the reunion at ogdc at 2.30 pm friday 12-12-08. those who live in kaybee is compulsory to come to this meeting

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

reunion yaww

to all OGDC campers, (inda jua banyak ogdc campers yang tau aku ani)
hj friday said ada reunion for us this 20th December 2008. yang ku tau, those yang tinggal arah belait district kna ambil pkai bas pkul7 di OGDC. theme reunion atu party. actually kan plih prom pulang but then banyak urang nada baju and banyak urang plih partayy. so tani clubbing sja arah empire ah xD haha. ah au, venue nya arah Empire Hotel.

tapi balum confirm lagi. durang masih kan buat meeting dgn empire. hj friday told me klau sudah ada ea bgtau nanti, and i'll inform you (ogdc campers) as soon as possible smada dari blog or msn.

oh, i just hope dapat reunion atu. aku bana2 mau jumpa science survival camp campers~! rindu ku sudahhh. and si ikhikh mnta palukkan smua urang untuk ea x) hahaha. we'll see aku brani kah inda ok ikh! ;)

ok smua maklum? bah. any info, aku bgtau nanti.

and anddd, don't forget to thank hj friday because ea yang buatkan reunion ani ;) give respect please. thanks.

Monday, December 8, 2008

back from camp, i guess

i'm fresh back from camp, looking all tanned and slightly thin *cough. the camp was a successful one this year, as all campers were enjoying every single activity the committees of OGDC prepared.

the post for the camp i'm gonna do will be divided since i'm a busy man and i don't have much time for this unimportant post (yeah yeah whatever). and also im gonna share this blog with fuad for the sake of somebody. And also im gonna grab some pics to make this post a rather entertaining one.. so shall we begin?

first day of camp:

I actually had butterflies in my stomcah as i was nervous thinking about what people might think about me. But that all gone when i saw KB Icon.

Bbroyy a.k.a Baby Green, Azim a.k.a Baby Yellow and Daniel a.k.a Baby Dragon

after that i registered my name and found out im in the same group as my cousin, Fuad a.k.a Fuad Encem hahaha. I was registered to a group named Van Helsing.

here is some of my team mates. Kid, Nina from Tembird, Syarif, Apik and MEE!!(boy, do i look handsome in that pic or what?)

then after that we were told to sit down in a line just like this

we waiting for the next instructions wawawa

after that we saw naufal!! he purposely camp late so that he would be fashionably late ahha

then we depart for ABDB.

Until here sja ah? naleh ku kn type lagi ciao people!!

Yours Truly

Mr Jiggly

Saturday, November 29, 2008

since i was tagged by a veggie, imma do it now hahah

bored. tagged. already bought 'snacks for own consumption'.

1.Each blogger must post this rules.
2.Each blogger must being with ten facts about them.
3.Other blogger who are also tagged must also state the rules and ten facts about themselves.
4.You must choose ten people to give this award to and list their names at the end.
5.It is essential that tag is left at their tag boards,letting them know about the award they've received.


1. i rather rather watch russell peters than anything
2. I love Coke *chuups Coca Cola.
3. Can be very hyper at the wrong times.
4. Known for my kindness and karetness.
5. I hate cabbage
6. I always give the wrong inpression to people
7. I have a hot niece who ADORES my tummy ^^
8. I get nervous a lot. Even when i'm not doing anything.
9. I don't like being touch.
10. A person who enjoys listening to girls laughing.

1. Waleyh
2. Akmal
3. Jelly
4. Afiy
5. Faza
6. Fahmii
7. Tasha
8. Bash
9. Veyron
10. Mia *wavess!

One: How has this past week goin for you?
- Lovely as always *cough bored *cough.

Two: Who was the last person to text you?
- Syasya!!

Three: Last person of the opposite sex to give you a hug?
- Olivia i want meet you!!.

Four: Do you believe that everything happens for a reason?
- Yeah although I really don't care

Five: First person under ' J' on your cell phone?
- umm checking..... found it!! it's Jellyyyyyy

Six: Do you hate that person?
- Nooo why would i? *innocent face hahah

Seven: Any fun plans for today?
- Yeap. watching movies

Eight: Is the last person you held hands with attractive?
- yes. very much. if held means accidentally bumps her hand heheh

Nine: Do you get bored of your girlfriend/boyfriend easily?
- Never had one

Ten: How many and what kind of animals are in your house?
- Never had pets

Eleven: Are you disappointed right now?
- a lil bit

Twelve: When was the last time something bothered you?
- 28th November 2008.

Thirteen: What's the most interesting thing that happened to you today?
- When for camping grocery.

Fourteen: Have you ever broken someone's heart?
- i think.

Fifteen: Would you ever date a friend's ex?
- Kalau ya suruh hehe buleh kn mal?

Sixteen: If your best friend liked your ex, what would you do?
- I dunno. cause i never had a girlfriend. she's taken

Seventeen: Are you the type that would rather stay at other peoples houses or have them at yours?
- having people at my house 'cause i know their house is boring hahah.

Eighteen: Have you ever hooked up with one of your ex's best friends?
- Noppyyy.

Nineteen: Do tattoos and piercings excite you?
- tattoos does. klu arah perempuan

Twenty: If someone hits you, what would you do?
- langgar drg pkai kereta. and tumbuk balik.

Twenty-one: Have you ever kissed someone and never saw them again?
- Nope.

Twenty-two: Do you know anyone whose name starts with a Z?
- yea. my amah.

Twenty-three: If your ex came up to you and apologized for something they did wrong, what would you say?
- umm forgives them.

Twenty-four: When was your last encounter with the police?
- last week. roadblock arh highway.

Twenty-five: Do you still talk to your ex's?
- don't have one

Twenty-six: Who would you like to be friends with again?
- Those who i have lost contact with.

Twenty-seven: Do you ever dance even if there's no music playing?
- yeap if im doing the victory dance or a hyper moment comes along.

Twenty-eight: When people talk crap about you what do they say?
- Gamuk jua ya ane tapi cali hahah *perasaan.

Twenty-nine: What can always put you in a good mood?
- lepaks with KB Icon^^

Thirty: Have you kissed in the rain?
- never.

Thirty-one: Is there anyone that you care more about than yourself?
- Yes, obviously. all my friends

Thirty-two: What do you miss about your past?
- Carefree and being kurus.

Thirty-three: Is there something you wish you could tell someone but you cant?
- yess....

Thirty-four: Are there any previous relationships you wish could have lasted longer?
- Naah, i don't think so.

Thirty-five: Did your last kiss mean anything?
- Never kiss anyone.

well that was an interesting umm tag questions? okay soo uhh i finished packing and currently liat my bro and uncle main pes 2008. so if sapa kalah lawan aku wawawa orites ciao y'all

Yours Truly

Mr Jiggly

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I was tagged yesterdayy but im too busy BBQ-ing with frens hehe
Tag at least 5 other people after you're done.
1. What's your ambition?
Biologist attracts me but i think im gonna go as Marine Biologist

2. Who is more important to you? Friends or boy/girlfriend?
Both i held dear to me

3. How often do you think of comitting suicide?
once. first time in my life. drowning myself on 24th November 2008(last minute edit)

4. Do you think you have enough confidence?
umm klu aku bnar2 condifent tia hahaha

.5. Do you believe what goes around comes around?
mesti lah..cuha ko tumbuk urg. ya tumbuk ko balik kn?

6. Do you believe in God?
YES!! 110%

7. Do you believe in eternal love?
I hope it does exist...

8. What's a perfect boyfriend/girlfriend like to you?(List 10)
mesti sekepala ngan aku
horny to me only
badan yang nyaman
doesnt smoke
acceptable by my family
who loves big families
Mesti pkai tudung and masih sexy

9. What would the worst boyfriend/girlfriend be like?
Why would i hav the worst girlfriend with me? haha nadawah. i dunno. it is just that people who are being themselves is not socially accepted by other people..

10. What feeling do you love the most?
Freedom. and HYPER!!!

11. What is your worst habit?
kurek tahi idung hahah nadawah. umm uklu urg beceta, slalu inda pay attention

12. Is there anything you want to tell the people who hate you?
nope. i dont think i hav any

13. Do you cherish every single one of your friendships?
yes obviously

14. What does flying mean to you?
at first you were fast. there was this loud zooming sound as you are picking up speed. you can feel the thrill coming up from your stomach until you hear the captain speaking.

15. What do you currently crave the most?

16. Have you ever regretted any decisions you have made? If so, briefly describe them.
yeaap. terlepas cakap until i wasnt trusted

17. Describe the person who tagged you in 7 words.
She LOVES crocs
someone named tasha
long hair
someone who ask money from you if your wearing something she doenst like
duduk sebelah hilmi time tuition
ada baju suparman

18. What have you done to yourself to make yourself happy?
masturbate hahhhah. mostly aku mkn lah to be happy

19. What will you become in another 10 years?
Happily married with someone i love till the end of the earth

20. If you could have one superpower, what would it be?
Teleportation!! beguna tu ah. inda payah cari transport lagi

Done! i tagging;
jelly you're up
and siapa berani mencuba. Cuba Try cioa y'all

Yours Truly

Mr Jiggly